Jason Chou

Home Town: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Education: Duke University, Class of 2020

GCS Advisor: Dr. Marc Sommer

GC Focus: Reverse Engineering the Brain




Scientific exploration and clinical translation of its discoveries today demand two aspects: a multidisciplinary approach to thorough examination, and a multifaceted understanding to the issue at hand. These are the cruxes of the research and clinical duties of a physician scientist and are core components of the Grand Challenge Scholar. I strongly believe that Grand Challenge Scholar Program will prepare me well for a career as a physician scientist. As a Grand Challenger Scholar, I would like to focus on “reverse engineering the brain” area to investigate the computational approach to deciphering the nervous system and relevant diseases. GSC’s research component will train me to develop feasible yet creative research questions, and with the multidisciplinary component, I will be able to understand these engineering questions and topics through diverse perspectives. For instance, global health will unfold common stigmas against neurological diseases; medical sociology will teach me how to maximize social acceptance in any solution that I discover. The entrepreneurship component will teach me appropriate pathways for greatest effectiveness and implementation of these solutions. I can then enrich this knowledge with human and culturally-sensitive perspectives that I will gain in the service and global experience components. These each will better prepare me for international collaborations. Since academic research is increasingly interdisciplinary while clinical work involves interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I believe that the various components of Grand Challenge Scholars program will establish a strong foundation for me to pursue a career as a physician scientist, especially in neuroscience.