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James Miller. 2013. “Authenticity, Sincerity and Spontaneity: The Mutual Implication of Nature and Religion in China and the West.” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 25: 283-307 Abstract Fundamental approaches to ethics and morality in both China and the West are bound up not only with conceptions of religion and ultimate truth, but also with…

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A priest at the Daoist temple in Rio de Janeiro

 Daniel M. Murray and James Miller. 2013. “The Daoist Society of Brazil and the Globalization of Orthodox Unity.” Journal of Daoist Studies 6: 93-114. Abstract Taken out of Chinese cultural context, Daoism is often associated with physical cultivation practices such as qigong or taiji quan rather than the traditional lineages of Quanzhen or Zhengyi a hierarchically organized religion.…

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 James Miller. 2010. Religion, Nature and Modernization in China. Pp. 107-122 in Technology, Trust and Religion: Roles of Religion in Controversies on Ecology and the Modification of Life edited by Willem B. Drees. Leiden: Leiden University Press. One of most important concepts in the Weberian theory of modernity is summed up in the German term Entzauberung, usually…

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