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About this blog

This blog contains information and ideas about the interrelationship of religion, nature and modernity with a focus on China. The underlying premises are that religious values and ideas are key resources for constructing a sustainable future for the human species, and that nowhere on the planet is this more important than China.

China is the world’s largest country by population, the second largest economy in real GDP terms, and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

The impact of modernity in China has  been the terrifying devastation of its environment at the same time as an onslaught on China’s traditional religious and cultural values. As China attempts to grapple with the destruction of its natural environment, it is also experiencing a resurgence of interest in religion and spirituality. This blog explores the possibility of fostering a new philosophy of sustainable development, one that marries scientific understanding with a renewed appreciation for traditional Chinese values of harmony with and respect for the landscape.

This is a debate that demands a wide diversity of voices and we welcome you to join in the dialogue by posting comments on the various articles, or by contributing an article of your own.

Please note that the opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers, organizations or institutions.

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