Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • UN climate chief says China poised to lead the world on climate change. http://bit.ly/WmNEL #
  • China in the green spotlight — a useful summary of China's environmental situation http://bit.ly/QUMvr #
  • China Daily praises Confucius, the sage of sages http://bit.ly/C1SBz #
  • Official calls for the promotion of Confucianism to aid "development and prosperity of country's socialist culture" http://bit.ly/2szxJl #
  • Hu Jintao's carbon commitment marks new era for China as it recognizes its responsibilities as a leading power http://bit.ly/25yAPG #
  • China must learn to talk to its religious leaders if it is to create a culture of ecological sustainability http://bit.ly/45x1qM #

china must talk to its religious leaders to create a culture of ecological sustainability

Over the past sixty years China has achieved something close to a miracle when compared with other developing nations. It by and large manages to feed, educate, house and employ its own people. It is not involved in futile and costly military conflicts. It is a creditor nation, not a debtor. Its social and political system provides sufficient stability for the vast majority of its people to pursue their own livelihoods in a rational and predictable way.Yet all this will be lost if the world does not help China to embrace an ecologically sustainable culture. (More…)

Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Old is the new new. Young urban Chinese choose traditional arts, culture and beliefs. http://bit.ly/SZaKf #
  • Amid calls for a ban on public evangelism, Singapore PM warns of the negative effects of aggressive proselytizing. http://bit.ly/8Vla0 #
  • China needs low-carbon development to ensure its energy security and could be a model for other nations http://bit.ly/190y2W #
  • Great report on a boat-burning ritual in Taiwan, though the WSJ editors didn't dare put "religion" in the headline. http://bit.ly/Eq9k3 #

Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Tensions high after Urumqi unrest. "The riots and protests came as a huge embarrassment to the Chinese government." http://bit.ly/SoBi8 #
  • China claims to have spent 1 trillion yuan (US$146billion) in ecological conservation over the past decade http://bit.ly/2msnz1 #
  • Singapore teenage spirit medium made suicide pact with friends http://bit.ly/jGReK #
  • An odd and interesting discussion of the Confucianism, modernity and democracy by the Asia editor of La Stampa. http://bit.ly/2xVIAr #
  • Singapore Daoist Association and Sichuan University Cooperate to Launch a Professional Diploma ????????????????????? http://bit.ly/zR7Rg #
  • Traditional folk beliefs persist in modern China as people rush to marry on 9/9/9 lucky wedding day. http://bit.ly/1PBByb #

Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06