Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • China is racing ahead of America in the drive to go solar http://bit.ly/zzCvw #
  • China more important than America in leading the way to a global economic recovery http://bit.ly/qJamj #
  • People’s Daily: China must get over its former humiliation and seek a new model for being a great country, http://bit.ly/8RltW #
  • Facebook Conversations Used As Evidence In Exam Cheating Case http://bit.ly/88L18 #
  • What climate change means for religion in contemporary China. http://bit.ly/9suZp #
  • my latest blog post: what climate change means for religion in china http://bit.ly/xs4bR #
  • A rare news report of a rite of passage for teens in Taiwan. The ceremony is sponsored by Tainan city government. http://bit.ly/YvNgo #
  • Secular media have got it all wrong. The rise of religion in China helps prove that faith will change the world. http://bit.ly/w7kX2 #
  • Taiwanese Daoists oppose Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan http://bit.ly/9db7q #

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