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Chinese Religions in Contemporary Societies

By: James Miller

Chinese Religions in Contemporary Societies edited by James Miller
Chinese Religions in Contemporary Societies edited by James Miller

James Miller, ed. Chinese Religions in Contemporary Societies, Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO Press, 2006Print US$85.00 1851096264; eBook US$90.00 1851096310

Chinese Religions in Contemporary Societies is a comprehensive introduction to the resurgence of religion in China and Taiwan since the end of the Cultural Revolution and a wide-ranging examination of the impact of religious traditions on Euro-Americans and Chinese immigrants in present-day North America.

“Chinese Religions In Contemporary Societies by James Miller … has brought together in a single work an in-depth survey of the forces that have shaped Chinese religious practices, along with the prevalence, adaptations, and transformations of these practices in North American communities from Confucianism to Falun Gong. Also covered are such practices as self-mortification, exorcism, spirit-writing, healing, counseling, changing fate, and self-cultivation. A core addition to academic library History of Religion reference collections, Chinese Religions In Contemporary Societies also traces the adoption of Chinese religious practices by Euro-Americans and is an invaluable resource for students of Chinese history and comparative religions, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in contemporary Chinese culture and social issues.”–Midwest Book Review

Table of Contents

James MILLER Introduction
James MILLER 1. The historical legacy of Chinas religious traditions
James MILLER 2. The opium of the people: religion, science and modernity
TAM Wai Lun 3. Local religion in contemporary China
Ven. Jing Yin 4. Buddhism and economic reform in mainland China
KIM Sung-Hae 5. Daoist monasticism in contemporary China
Alison MARSHALL 6. Shamanism on contemporary Taiwan
David PALMER 7. Body cultivation in contemporary China
Francis YIP 8. Protestant Christianity in contemporary China
Terry WOO 9. Women in contemporary Chinese religions
Jonathan LEE 10. Contemporary Chinese-American religious life
Elijah SIEGLER 11. Chinese traditions in Euro-American society
HE Xiang and James MILLER 12. Confucian spirituality in an ecological age
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