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Over the years I have taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in history, religious studies, and public policy. I have also taught versions of the “classic texts” courses at Columbia University and the University of Chicago. I’ve collected here the most recent versions of all of my syllabi, both for the interest of potential students and for other teachers to reference (teaching resources should, I think, generally be made public, and if any other teachers have questions about the syllabus or any of the assignments, feel free to write).

Politics of Christ Fall 20 syllabus (undergraduate seminar)

Seeing Like a State: Thinking Historically about Public Policy and Welfare (graduate research seminar)

Human Rights and Genocide (undergraduate lecture)

Twentieth Century Europe (undergraduate lecture)

The Global Sixties: Race, Sex, Revolution (introductory undergraduate seminar)

Introduction to Human Rights and Social Movements (undergraduate service-learning course)

Religion, Race, and Citizenship in Modern Europe (advanced undergraduate seminar)

Classics of Social and Political Thought (core seminar, last taught 2012-13): Fall, Winter, Spring

Contemporary Civilization (core seminar, last taught 2011-12): Fall, Spring