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Research Articles

“The Fascist Origins of German Ecumenism,” in Germany and the Confessional Divide, 1871-1989, ed. Mark Ruff and Thomas Großbölting (New York: Berghahn, forthcoming).

“’On the Border of Old Age’: An Entangled History of Eldercare in East Germany,” Central European History 53 (2020), 353-71.

“The God That Won: Eugen Kogon Between Catholicism and Cold War Liberalism,” Journal of Contemporary History 55 (2020), 339-63.

“Two Concepts of Rights: Catholic Rights Discourse in 1930s Europe,” in Christianity and Human Rights Reconsidered, ed. Sarah Shortall and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins (New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

“The Logic of Sanctuary: Towards a New Metaphor for the Study of Global Religion,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 88 (2020): 15-34

“Old Volk: Aging in 1950s Germany, East and West,” Journal of Modern History 90 (2018), 792-833.

“Can a Rich Man Enter the Kingdom of God? The Catholic Debate over Private Property During the Great Depression,” in So What’s New about Scholasticism? How Neo-Thomism Helped Shape the Twentieth Century, ed. Rajesh Heynickx and Stéphane Symons (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2018).

“Nuclear Families in a Nuclear Age: Theorizing the Family in the Federal Republic of Germany,” Contemporary European History 26 (2017), 85-109.

“Catholicism and the Economy of Miracles in West Germany, 1920-60,” New German Critique 42 (2015), 9-40.

“Nihilism and the Cold War: The Catholic Reception of Nihilism Between Nietzsche and Adenauer,” Rethinking History 17, 1 (2014), 95-110.

“A Mechanical Style in Our Joys: Time, Space, and Discipline in British Sports,” Crossings: A Counter-Disciplinary Journal 8 (Fall 2012), 77-115.

“The Catholic Origins of Totalitarianism Theory in Interwar Europe,” Modern Intellectual History 9, 3 (November 2011), 261-90.

“The Poetics of Sainthood in Interwar Catholic Literature: A Reading of Sous le soleil de Satan and The Power and the Glory, Revue belge de philologie et d’histoire 88 (2010), 1229-1253.