Hey AIV!

Thanks so much for sticking with us through our New Student Outreach last week. We officially closed it off with our annual FreshStart event, which went very well. This past week, it was amazing to see God’s incredible work through the leaders He sent out, the freshman He brought in, and all the other ways in which He made His presence known. That being said, His work doesn’t just stop there! This week is full of exciting and fun events, and we welcome anyone and everyone who is interested to check them out:

First Year Small Groups:

Calling all first years who want to experience what being a real and intentional gospel centered community is all about! We’re officially starting our first year small groups with some ~fun~ bonding and we definitely encourage everyone, Asian or not, Christian or not, to explore and try something new by going to their respective small group:

Sophomore Dinners

If you are a sophomore and either a) want to continue the incredible experience of small group from last year or b) wanting to know what this whole small group business is, then we welcome you to grab dinner with our sophomore small group leaders! Below are the dates and times, feel free to go according to small group or by date/time! Again, we would love to see everyone there whether you’re new to AIV or continuing from freshman year <3


  • Sena Park & Brandon Yan
  • Pho & Poke, Monday 7pm
  • Meet at BC circle at 6:45pm


  • Grace Feng & Daniel Song
  • Pho & Poke, Tuesday 7pm
  • Meet at BC circle at 6:45pm


  • Linh Bui & Matthew Sima
  • Pho & Poke, Wednesday 6:30pm*
  • Meet at BC circle at 6:15pm

*note the time difference on Wednesday!!

Upperclassmen Dinners

Juniors and seniors we have not forgotten about you!!! Interested in a small group or getting to know more about what a small group is? It’s never too late to try something new!

Sign up for upperclassmen dinners here: http://tinyurl.com/AIVupperclassmendinner

For more information check out our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1088950907901927/?active_tab=about



AIV is incredibly excited to announce the beginning of our programs for the 2017-2018 school year starting off with our annual new student retreat! We believe wholeheartedly in God’s mission and our mission to be a witnessing community, and NSO (New Student Outreach) is one of the ways that we make His name known. Below is the calendar of our NSO/outreach events through August and September. Please share this calendar with everyone who might be interested, and please be in prayers for our team as we welcome and love on the new students!!!


This year AIV will be hosting its second Spring Break missions trip! Teaming up with a few Tar Heels down the road, we are extremely pumped to work with Church Hill Activities & Tutoring (CHAT) again. CHAT is an after-school program that serves the Church Hill community in Richmond, Virginia. The organization approaches its community with a biblical foundation and provides sustainable service through educational opportunities, demonstrating a fine example of the invitational, incarnational, intimate, and intentional living that we have focused on in large group. We are thinking about taking a group of students over Spring Break to work with CHAT. We hope to be challenged and humbled by God’s mission, growing deeper in understanding God’s perfect character.

For more information, here is the CHAT website!

Complete this interest form to receive more information about the spring break missions trip. This is non-committal!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot Derek Shu or James Ho a message/email.



TLDR: For the second year in a row Duke will be hosting the Asian American Ministry (AAM) Conference on 11/4-5. This is a cross regional conference that aims to help us grow into our ethnic identity as Asians/Asian Americans. Sign up here! We also need your help to house around 100 students from other colleges in the region. If you are willing, please fill out this form.

The beauty of the Gospel is that all of us are invited to be God’s children, co-heirs with Christ, and recipients of a beautiful inheritance. But what does it mean to be a child of God? When our experience of childhood, family, and calling are a jumble of Asian and American influences, when the gifts we have received contain both blessing and burden, how do we know which parts are God’s, and which are not? As we unwrap this gift, we will see how God’s inheritance affirms, transforms, and renews our identity and ethnicity, our experience of family, our life on campus, and our vocational future. Join the diverse and beautiful community of Asian students from all over Virginia and the Carolinas at the Asian American Ministry (AAM) Conference (11/4-5) as we discover what a glorious inheritance we have.

James is giving Duke students a discount, so take advantage of this opportunity! Early bird registration costs $20 before 10/21. Regular registration costs $30 and ends at 10/31. Sign up for the conference here and venmo @VirginiaAIV to pay.

Even if you are unable to attend the conference, please still consider signing up to help house around 100 students from other colleges in the region! The link to the form is here.

AAM 2016


*UPDATE* Beat the Heat will now start at 9:30 pm and end at 11:30 pm.

Class of 2020, welcome to Duke University! The start of this year is bound to leave you feeling many emotions at once – excitement, joy, anticipation, but also anxiety. Being away from home, away from friends and family can be difficult. We’re here to tell you that, although you may not know who we are just yet, we’ve got your back! We’ve planned a variety of fun and casual events for you to meet your fellow freshman and upperclassmen all while enjoying delicious, free – keyword FREE – food. So check out this calendar and get excited! We’d love to meet you all!

Disclaimer: you don’t need to be Asian or Christian! We are an all-inclusive community(:

NSO Calendar (Updated)

For more information, join our Facebook page and click on the events. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email through the Contact Us tab.


After a busy and sometimes stressful semester, winter break is always a much-needed time to wind down, get rest, and spend time with family, friends, and the Lord. It’s great to unplug and spend time by yourself, reflecting on the school year and learning from your experiences, but if you’re missing the AIV family a little, we have some awesome new initiatives to stay connected and provide accountability for one another so that your spiritual journey doesn’t plateau while your work does!

Book Club
We’ll be reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, one of Lewis’s fictional fantasy novels, about a man’s journey through heaven and hell. Within the story, Lewis does a keen job reflecting on human nature and how the choices we make impact who we become. Whether you are looking to think a bit, just want to read a good story, or are getting bored over break, join us in reading through The Great Divorce and participating in our weekly Skype discussions, which will be coordinated through this Facebook page!

Photo Challenge
If arts and photography are more your thing, look into our photo challenge! There will be a specific theme each week, during which we encourage you to post related pictures. We’re hoping that this will be a way to keep in touch and see how each others’ breaks are going, despite time and distance. If you would like to participate, join this Facebook page!

Worship Playlist
Each week, a playlist of worship music will be compiled and shared for you to listen to. Whether it’s spending time with Jesus in the morning or on a commute, worship music can be a huge reminder of truth throughout the day. Look out for the playlists on the main Facebook page!

Wishing the chapter a great rest of the break, in continued celebration of our Savior, and a happy new year!! See you on the flip side~



Registration for Fall Retreat is now open! This year, we will be returning to our 2013 location, Camp Dixie, in Fayetteville, NC where a wonderful time of bonding, worship, and outdoor adventure await! This is the only retreat of the year that is for just Duke’s IV chapter, so come out to better get to know and grow in Christ with your fellow brothers and sisters. Sign up here!



We are less than a week away before our new first years officially move in and Orientation Week begins! While you’re soaking in those last few rays of sunshine and sleeping in as much as possible, we also hope you’re getting excited for the school year! Below is the tentative schedule for all of our kick-off activities, so make sure you’re in the loop, and feel free to stop by at any/all the events we have throughout the week!

***Updated on 8/19***

1. Casual O-Week Events

Ice Cream Floats – August 19th: 10pm Wednesday @ East Campus Backyard Quad.
Religious Life Open House – August 20th: 12pm Thursday @ Chapel Quad.
More Ice Cream – August 20th: 9pm Thursday @ the steps of Lilly Library.
Cosmic Cantina Run – August 21st: 11pm Friday @ Cosmic Cantina, meet on steps of Lilly Library.

Come out for free food and time to casually mingle with other first years and even some upperclassmen! These gatherings are informal, and there is no obligation to stay for the entire time. We would love to see you there!

2. FreshStart

August 23rd: 4pm on Sunday @ Von Canon (below McDonald’s in the BC).

Class of 2019, this is for you! Come join us for dinner and fellowship to learn more about who we are! We will be doing introductions, and you’ll be able to mingle with one another and meet your future small group leaders. This is a great chance to meet other first-years as well as upperclass students. We are excited to get to know you!

3. First Large Group

August 27th: 7:30pm on Thursday @ White Lecture Hall, East Campus.

Mark your calendars for the biggest event of the first week of class — first large group of the year! Start off the semester with a bang :) We’ll be kicking off the new year with a brand new series and announcing AfterHours. Don’t miss it!

4. New Student Outreach

Off-Campus Dinner – August 25th: 6pm Tuesday @ Bali Hai, meet on Lilly Library steps.
Off-Campus Dinner – August 26th: 5:45pm Wednesday @ Torerro’s, meet on White Lecture Hall steps.
Student Activities Fair – August 28th: 4pm Friday @ East Campus Quad.
Kick-Off BBQ – August 29th: 4pm Saturday @ West Campus.
Upperclass Dinners – September 9th: 5pm Wednesday @ Marketplace.
Afterhours – Fridays, Time/Place TBD.

Upperclass students, get excited to meet the Class of 2019! There is a whole string of events ready for you to welcome the incoming first-years and help them during this transition period. All upperclass students are encouraged to come to FreshStart to meet the first-years! Stay tuned for updated events, and check out a tentative list above!

5. Small Groups

Small groups will be starting back up soon! Whether you’re an upperclassmen or a first year, we hope you can join us for these weekly gatherings where we connect and share with one another. Locations and times will be announced soon.

7. Stay connected!

Join our Facebook group, sign up for our listserv, check out our events calendar, and/or subscribe to our RSS feed to be in the know for all our activities and events!

Keep praying for the new school year, and we will see you soon :)


This year is an exciting one because it is host to Urbana 15! Urbana is a huge student missions conference (over 16,000 people) that is put on by InterVarsity once every 3 years. Wondering why you should attend? Here are a few reasons. Many who have gone from our chapter in years past have all said that Urbana was a life changing experience. Definitely consider going and pray about this opportunity as this doesn’t happen every year! Urbana 15 will be from December 27-31, with early-bird pricing until June 30th. If you register by June 30th, scholarships are available by contacting James Ho (jameshoiv@gmail.com). You can register for Urbana here.

Urbana 2015 Promo


Rockbridge registration has begun! Rockbridge is the regional end-of-the-year retreat where you’ll spend time relaxing in the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains and meeting people from other chapters while reflecting over the year, worshiping, and engaging in awesome activities! Every year, we have students who are so positively convicted and changed in their walk with God from this retreat that we highly encourage you to experience this retreat for yourself! The retreat runs from May 3rd through May 8th, and the early bird cost is $320 until March 27th, which includes all housing, food, etc. After that, the fee is $350 until April 10th, and $380 until the retreat. Sign up or get more information at www.gotorockbridge.com! There is plenty of financial help available (just ask early!), which can be obtained by contacting James Ho (jameshoiv@gmail.com). Go and be blessed!

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