Ciao! Benvenuto nel mio portafoglio!

My learning experience in Italian was a very positive experience. I learned much more then I would have expected to learn in three semesters as well as meeting new people that shared the same passion as I to learn the language. I thought this classroom learning environment was very welcoming and it was enjoyable to be in class everyday. 
I learned the new language skills in multiple ways. First of all, I thought all the professors I had throughout my time at Duke were always available to meet if I had extra questions. Next of all, it was very easy to learn about something in class that I may not have understood at home on my own. I learned the new language skills best by listening to my professor talk as well as the My Lab exercises we were given on a consistent basis. Finally, I enjoyed the ways in which we would try and apply this knowledge such as when we played Kahoot, Jeopardy, or other fun games as a group in class.
The content I found to be the most interesting was what we learned in Italian 203. While Italian 101 and 102 were more about learning the different vocabulary and grammar structures, 203 was more about applying all this previous knowledge and turning it into a more culture like class. I really enjoyed learning about the Cinema and Food Unit that we worked on in class. We learned more about the everyday life in Italy and dove more into the specifics of life. The food culture of Italy is something that has always got my attention and to focus on that and be able to discuss and understand specifics in Italian was very fun for me.
The Italian culture is very similar to America in ways. I learned about the different ongoing issues in Italy and how much they relate to the issues in Italy. I also learned a lot about the food culture and ways in which Italy and America are different. Food is very important and Italy and it seems as though they take much more pride in cooking for each other in Italy then they do in America. They also use food to be able to bring family together and that is why they eat most meals together compared to America where a lot of time people are on their own.
I believe the best way for me to continue learning about the Italian culture is by focusing some of my time on Italy when looking at different news in the world. I believe that is the best way for me to continue to stay up to date with current events. The other way I look to continue to learn about Italy is to go visit Italy soon. I have never been to Italy, but it has always been a dream of mine to visit Italy and experience the great cities they have and taste some of the great food. By doing that, I will gain a better understanding of the country. Overall, I believe the Italian language has shaped me in many different ways that will stay with me forever.

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