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Before beginning Italian 203, I thought that we would be learning and adding to the grammar that we had learned in previous semesters (Italian 101, 102). In those semesters, I found that we focused more on grammar, vocabulary, and writing, but not as much on speaking. Once I started the semester of Italian 203, I realized that there was less emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. This class had a main focus on cultural ideas and being able to express them through writing and speaking. We did have our weekly online assignments and in class essays in those previous semesters, but in 203, I was able to improve my speaking by only communicating in Italian during class, presenting a variety of projects in Italian, and reflecting on those presentations through writing. This portfolio follows my journey in which I was able to improve my Italian overall in 9 different aspects.

With this portfolio I was able to reflect on these different aspects of the course by using 9 different items to portray these different aspects. The 7 main aspects are communities, connections, cultures, comparisons, a reflection on grammar and vocabulary, and lastly, communication (which cover topics of presentational, interpretative, and interpersonal). In my study of Italian that pertains to communities, I was able to acquire more knowledge that surpassed the school setting. I learned a lot about Italian culture and history that I did not know before taking his course. On the topic of connections, I was able to take my study of Italian and relate it to other ideas. Throughout the semester I wrote a number of scriturras that were in relation to this topic. In my study of Italian that relates to cultures, I was able to learn a little about Italian culture and customs. There are very many difference between the American and Italian culture, and throughout this semester, I was also able to make compare and contrast these different cultures in different aspects. I believe that the main focus of this semester was to improve our communication with others in Italian. I was able to do that through presentations, interviews, and video blogs. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to be put in an environment where one is forced to speak the language in order to communicate, and the class setting overall provided that environment. Though this semester really focused on portraying and presenting ideas, there was still, I still learned new material with grammar and vocabulary. For Italian 203, we were required to keep a vocabulary notebook, in which we wrote a number of vocabulary words that were related to the topic that week.

I would have to say that Italian 203, was the most interesting semester of Italian that I have taken. I say this because, I think that learning about cultures and ways of life are the more interesting than learning grammar and vocabulary, though they are very essential. I really enjoyed going to the Nasher museum, as that was the first museum that I have been to. I was able to learn a lot about art, which I find very interesting. I think that this class really helped me learn about the Italian culture, while also helping me to deviate from Italian stereotypes. In the future I would like to visit Italy and experience the culture in person and I feel that these three semesters in Italian would help in my preparation.

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