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Hi! My name is Toni Payne, I am from Birmingham, Alabama, and I took three semesters of Italian at Duke University. My family are the most important people in my life as they and God are the reasons for my recent success. I enjoy watching classic films and my main passion is soccer. I am on the women’s soccer team here at Duke University and I had the amazing opportunity to play for the United States Women’s national team at the World Cup in Azerbaijan in 2012. I am a sophomore here at Duke and my major is Political Science with a minor in economics. Though that is what I am very interested in, I would like to have the opportunity to play professional soccer overseas in Europe. In the early stages of my life after college I would like to visit different places in Europe, and with soccer I have already gotten to visit a lot of places. I am very glad that I decided to choose Italian as my requirement for a language because the language itself really engaged my interest. It has been a great three semesters and I hope to take more classes that are in relation to Italian!


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