Welcome to my Portfolio

I have come a long way this semester in Italian 203.  After my second semester of Italian, I had a lot of information in my head but it was scrambled.  It was swirling around in a disorganized cloud.  Italian 203 helped me compartmentalize and solidify my understanding of not only the Italian language, but also the culture.  To illustrate this depth of knowledge, I have included several items in my portfolio that demonstrate my ability to comprehend, read, write, and speak Italian.

As a third level course, I expected this class to be difficult.  I thought I would learn a lot of new vocabulary and grammar.  I also expected to learn more about Italian culture.  The first day of class left me with a favorable first impression.  It gave me a good understanding of the course objectives and structure of the class.  The three themes of the course (body, space, connections) were made clear and I knew there were going to be many challenging assignments.  I learned that much of the grammar was going to be review from the previous courses.  I thought I would get along well with my classmates and my professor.  The idea of observing, documenting, archiving, and then presenting the information was pleasing to me.  I was eager to use the iPads and learn more about the other technology (like Box) we would be using.

As I got into the course, there were some aspects which I enjoyed more than others.  On the positive side, I enjoyed the aperitivo and the interview project the most.  The aperitivo was a lot of fun for me.  I liked being a barista and conversing in Italian.  The interview project gave me a new perspective on Italian culture and I was able to learn a great deal from a native Italian.  I liked this so much that I have included my group’s oral commentary presentation as my Comparison item.  The aspects I enjoyed the least were the grammar exercises in the workbook and the frequency of the group assignments.  I felt that the grammar could best be taught in the classroom setting because my professor explained the grammar rules much better than the book did.  There was more group work than I expected there would be.  It was often difficult to schedule time for all of us to work together outside of class.

One of the best parts of the course was learning more about the Italian culture.  This understanding made Italian 203 more than just a language class.  My blog post about wine consumption in Italy is included in my portfolio as an example of cultural understanding.  In addition to vocabulary and grammar, I was able to appreciate the Italian way of life.  As an Italian-American this gave me a deeper appreciation of my own heritage and extended community.

The materials in my portfolio show how my Italian progressed over the semester.  Specifically, I have included items, across various mediums, covering the 5 C’s:

  • Communication
  • Cultures
  • Connections
  • Comparisons
  • Communities

Collectively, these materials reflect the wide range of activities that helped solidify my understanding and appreciation of Italian.

-Rusty Craig