Grant Besner

Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Grant graduated from Duke in May with a degree in Computer Science. As an undergraduate, he was President of Duke Conversations, a columnist for The Chronicle, and an active member of Jewish Life at Duke. Grant is fascinated by the complexities of the post-modern world and has an endless curiosity to explore the untold stories of  those around him. He is spending this year in Israel first in Jerusalem at the Pardes Institute studying Jewish text and spirituality and later on an alpaca farm in the south of Israel.  He also speaks Mandarin, exclusively wears Hawaiian shirts, and  aspires to one day herd alpacas full time.

Andrew Carlins

A  Junior from Oceanside, N.Y., Andrew is pursuing degrees in Economics and History with a certificate in Ethics and Society. At Duke, he’s a resident assistant, a mentor with the Kenan Citizenship Lab, a blogger for the Kenan Insider, and an active member of Duke’s Hillel and Chabad chapters. Growing up with a stutter, Andrew is passionate about communication and language particularly as they relate to narratives of migration, identity, economics and sustainability. He also makes really great puns.