71 years old, home to 8.7 million inhabitants, and with the land mass of New Jersey, Israel receives a lot of attention in the media relative to its population and size. As two Jewish-American college students, we’re incredibly fascinated by this young nation and want to dive deep and build a nuanced understanding of this place. Beyond the juxtaposing, politicized portrayals of Israel of modern-day miracle and as occupier, we felt that there was a more important story to be told: that of actual Israelis!

We spent 10 weeks interviewing Israelis from all walks of life, from an Eritrean asylum seeker to the American-Israeli former spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces, painting a much more nuanced, much more human portrait of a place for which conventional language is insufficient to describe its complexities. By helping Israelis tell their stories, it is our hope that you, the listener, will be able to learn, as we have through this journey, to view macroscopic issues through another’s eyes.

Season One will be released in September.