Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants

Ph.D. students who wish to pursue a summer internship of their own design can consider applying for Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants (GSTEG) from the Office of the Provost.

The goal of this grant competition is to expand opportunities for Ph.D. students to augment their core research and training by acquiring additional skills, knowledge or experiences through an off-campus summer internship. We believe such experiences will lead to better preparation/training, whether for academic positions or other career trajectories.

We will consider proposals from current Ph.D. students without full summer funding for internships with a non-Duke community organization, government agency, NGO or cultural institution, related to the student’s area of study. Successful applications will demonstrate how the activities associated with the proposed research experience align with the student’s field of study and research interests.

The GSTEG resource page includes information and advice about how to explore research experiences eligible for support.

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