Through this internal funding mechanism, graduate students are encouraged to propose an experience outside of or beyond their core disciplinary training that would enhance or expand their disciplinary training (e.g., an internship, training workshop or hands-on learning opportunity). The goal of this grant competition is to expand the opportunities for graduate students to “step away” from their core research and training, so as to acquire additional skills, knowledge or experiences that will enhance the approach to their original research. We believe such experiences will lead to better preparation and training, whether for academic positions or other career trajectories.

Proposals for Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants (GSTEG) require endorsement from the student’s primary faculty mentor, and a clear explanation of how the experience will contribute to broadening the student’s training, and how it may potentially impact their dissertation research or capstone project. Successful past applications have made a compelling case for how the proposed experience would offer a cognate experience to amplify the student’s intellectual agenda, beyond the standard offerings within their program.

The proposed experience may last for up to one full semester. All current graduate students (including master’s, professional and Ph.D. students) in any program at Duke University are eligible to apply. All internships, work and services proposed must be performed outside of Duke (i.e., may not be work for Duke). Funding requests to attend conferences, and in the case of master’s students to provide funding for internship experiences, will not be prioritized for these grants.

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