Research Collaboratories

Through funds from Together Duke, the provost established a funding program to support groups of faculty whose engaged research targets selected societal challenges in alignment with Duke’s strategic priorities. The first two cycles supported research on three themes: Energy & Water Resources; Race, Religion & Citizenship; and Population Health. The third cycle focused on two new themes: Immigration; and Science, Technology & Ethics.

Duke has the intellectual resources and organizational nimbleness to convene technical, legal, scientific, ethical, cultural and historical explorations of these issues. By drawing on disciplinary depth, interdisciplinary strengths and commitment to engagement, we have the capacity to make crucial research contributions in these vital areas and to serve as an important node for convening stakeholders.

Through an open RFP process, we support the development of collaboratories – groups of faculty and students from across the university who work together to address aspects of each challenge. Collaboratories have three goals:

  1. Harness Duke’s existing human capital and institutional capacities to advance understanding of, and provide tangible solutions to, targeted problems
  2. Provide graduate students with a platform for learning how to engage with societal challenges and how to translate knowledge into action
  3. Incorporate Together Duke’s focus on earlier, deeper and more sustained two‐way engagement with external communities and organizations.

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