Bass Connections Funding Opportunities

Project Teams

Bass Connections provides funds to support team-based projects that bring faculty and students together and integrate disciplinary approaches around societal questions and challenges, organized around thematic areas and an open channel. All Duke faculty, graduate and professional students, postdocs and trainees/fellows are invited to submit proposals each fall for the following academic year. See how project teams work, project proposal guidelines, and opportunities for faculty and students.


Duke Learning Innovation, in partnership with Bass Connections, launched a Faculty Fellows program to support faculty interested in designing Collaborative Project Courses (including redesigning existing courses). Learn more.

Summer Programs

Some of the Bass Connections summer programs, such as Data+ and Story+, function as research seed grants for faculty, depending on the nature of a particular project. Undergraduates and graduate students can apply to join research teams and receive funding.

Student Research Awards

Bass Connections provides funds (for individuals or groups) to support student-directed research projects with faculty mentorship. Learn more.