Bass Connections Funding Opportunities

Project Teams

Bass Connections provides funds to support team-based projects that bring faculty and students together and integrate disciplinary approaches around societal questions and challenges, organized around five thematic areas and an open channel. All Duke faculty, graduate/professional students, postdocs and trainees/fellows are invited to submit proposals each fall for the following academic year. See current project teams.


Duke Learning Innovation, in partnership with Bass Connections, launched a Faculty Fellows program in 2019-2020 to support faculty interested in designing Collaborative Project Courses (including redesigning existing courses). Learn more.

Summer Programs

Some of the Bass Connections summer programs, such as Data+ and Story+, function as research seed grants for faculty, depending on the nature of a particular project. Undergraduates and graduate students can apply to join research teams and receive funding.

Student Research Awards

Bass Connections provides funds (for individuals or groups) to support student-directed research projects with faculty mentorship. Learn more.