Duke Ph.D. Student Internship Opportunities for Summer 2022

Summer 2022 Provost Internships for Duke Ph.D. Students. Apply now.

Deadline: March 20 (priority), rolling through April 29, 2022

Duke’s Office of the Provost is offering a broad set of opportunities to support Ph.D. students during Summer 2022. A number of experiential internships with external organizations are available by application, along with other internship and research assistant opportunities with Duke units across campus.

Interested Ph.D. students should search the opportunities to match both skills/background and research interests. You may apply to only two (2) positions (this could be two external or two Duke internships, or one of each).

The priority deadline is March 20. Hosts will begin review of applications on March 21, and then consider additional applications on a rolling basis through April 29.

All interns will be required to take either the experiential workshop, GS950, or a relevant Duke Graduate Academy course, during Duke Summer Session I or II.

Please see the FAQ section below, and contact Amy Feistel (amy.feistel@duke.edu) with any questions.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted through this Duke portal: https://dukeinterdisc.formstack.com/forms/duke_phd_summer_internship

You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Letter of application for each opportunity
  • Brief CV (2-page maximum)
  • Letter of support from your department DGS, indicating how the proposed internship(s) will enhance your intellectual trajectory.

Provost Internships

Browse, search or sort alphabetically by any column. Click on the link in the Internship Focus column to access more information.

Organization or Duke UnitInternship FocusBrief Scope of Work
American Historical AssociationFILLED: Research & PublicationsWork with the Perspectives on History editorial team, write article(s), work on Racist Histories and the AHA project
Central Park School for ChildrenAnti-Racist Curriculum & Pedagogy DevelopmentWork with school’s equity coach to design, distribute and implement culturally responsive lessons and curriculum for K-8, and professional development for staff to support pedagogical practices
Don’t Waste DurhamEnvironmental Equity & Social JusticeFinalize ReCirculation Project design based on pre-pilot survey data, develop and finalize data collection tools, conduct monitoring and evaluation, report on results, draw conclusions
Duke Bass ConnectionsFILLED: Analysis of Interdisciplinary Research & LearningConduct landscape analysis of analogous interdisciplinary research and education programs, draft publications to share lessons learned from Bass Connections model with other institutions, help design symposium on interdisciplinary and collaborative learning
Duke Career ServicesAlumni EngagementDevelop and execute a plan to engage graduate alumni and local/regional employers about expanding and deepening experiential learning opportunities for Duke Ph.D. students; catalog known Ph.D. internship opportunities with Triangle area companies
Duke Center for Computational ThinkingFILLED: Ph.D. Computational FellowshipParticipate in Summer Bootcamp: Introduction to Data Science; give short oral presentation of research question, exploratory data analysis and findings as a final project
Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute, Center for Equity in ResearchEquity in ResearchCollaborate with center’s team members on expanding six key focus areas; gather and organize evidenced-based practices; collaborate on design or improvement of trainings and workshops
Duke Curriculum Development CommitteeFILLED: Undergraduate Curriculum DevelopmentCollect scholarly research, work with data on curriculum and students’ paths, identify and summarize peer curricula, perform other research activities
Duke Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM)FILLED: Evolutionary Medicine Summer Programs CoordinationAssist in planning, facilitating and contributing to TriCEM’s summer programming including educational workshops, other trainings, science communication, and working group meetings to advance research
Duke Department of Romance StudiesFILLED: Language Pedagogy for Undergraduate EducationWork on research and development for set of best practices for Multilingual Writing Center, research parallel structures in English, examine literature writing pedagogy in different languages, collaborate with language program directors and faculty to understand student and faculty needs
Duke Divinity SchoolFILLED: Oral History ProjectPartake in interview training and practice, conduct background research on the school’s history of, interview former faculty
Duke ForestFILLED: Governance and Land UseAssess governance and land use contexts surrounding the Duke Forest Teaching and Research Laboratory, identify potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks to mission, management objectives and strategic vision
Duke Initiative for Science & SocietyScience Communication CurriculumCreate strategic scoping document of SciComm trainings from Duke, other universities and private sector; identify best practices and ethical issues; identify/develop assessment tools to determine effectiveness; conduct assessment Duke SciComm offerings; begin development of curriculum design
Duke John Hope Franklin Humanities InstituteFILLED: Humanities & Climate CommunicationsConceptualize and generate faculty/student interviews, profiles of research projects and collaborations, or other content; generate materials for campus communications and for FHI annual report
Duke Kenan Institute for EthicsFILLED: Research & Grant Proposal WritingResearch and draft grant proposal on developing and evaluating programs that integrate questions of meaning, purpose and character into undergraduate and graduate/professional education
Duke Public Affairs & Government RelationsFILLED: Qualitative Diversity & Inclusion ResearchAssess Duke communicators’ experience related to anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion using survey data; conduct focus group(s); prepare report with analysis and recommendations regarding current environment, culture and challenges
Duke Social Science Research InstituteFILLED: Evaluation of COVID-19 Relief SolutionsConduct community-partnered research and evaluation efforts based in SSRI; perform qualitative data collection exploring implementation to address COVID-related educational needs and inequities
Duke University PressFILLED: Preparation of Books for PublishingFormat manuscripts, organize art program for books, write book summaries to be presented to Editorial Advisory Board, help with other pre-production tasks
Durham Technical Community CollegeFILLED: American Literature Research for Curriculum DiversificationHelp diversify curriculum for key courses; connect with existing faculty and resources; research work from underrepresented communities in American literature; create course content
Durham Technical Community CollegeFILLED: Data Analysis of Transfer StudentsCollect and analyze data concerning key metrics for university transfer students; examine measures involving student success in key English and Math gateway courses as well as those that concern curriculum completion and equitable outcomes for students
Durham Technical Community CollegeEquity Gap ResearchWork with instructors to identify social factors affecting students, review literature to find promising interventions to support students, adapt intervention for first-year composition class
Durham Technical Community CollegeFILLED: Pedagogical Best Practices for Online InstructionConduct literature review concerning pedagogical best practices for synchronous online instruction as they are applied to college-level general education courses; help design and develop faculty training
Hope RenovationsMarket AnalysisPerform market analysis and offerings recommendations, including pricing; produce implementation plan, including marketing recommendations
JusticeMattersCommunity Health/Food Security & NutritionBuild knowledge around legal services and remedies, complete literature review, give presentation to leadership team and board members
MDCFILLED: Equity & Prosperity in the SouthDevelop data profiles that provide indicators of current state of equity and prosperity across the South; contribute to qualitative design, implementation and analysis of discussions that occur at community convenings
National Humanities CenterFILLED: Preparation of Scholarly Work for Digital ProjectCurate, frame, produce and translate scholarly work for new digital project, Humanities Town Square; work with digital and narrative content and platforms, engage partners and contribute to design and editorial framework
North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection DivisionExploration of Antitrust RemediesExplore interoperability, data portability and/or data sharing as potential antitrust remedies; analyze privacy issues such as use of data in advertising, anonymization of data and differential privacy in relation to remedies
RTI InternationalDiversity & Community EngagementSynthesize information to inform prototype development; analyze qualitative data generated from design sprints; contribute to digital strategy related to engagement experiences for health care providers and diverse community members
RTI InternationalGlobal Noncommunicable DiseasesInterpret data on performance of NCD screening and treatment programs, research disease burden, policy and health economics related to NCDs, prepare summaries of research findings

FAQ: Summer 2022 Provost Internships

Are master’s students or professional students, including professional doctorates like Th.D. students, eligible to apply for these opportunities?

We are sorry; the internships are only available to Ph.D. students.

I am graduating from Duke with a Ph.D. this spring. Am I eligible to apply for one of these opportunities?

No, only currently enrolled Duke Ph.D. students are eligible.

I already have full summer funding, but one of these positions would be a perfect fit for me. May I still apply?

No, these internships are available only to current Ph.D. students without full summer funding.

I have partial summer funding. Am I still eligible?

Interns may receive other Duke summer funding; however, total Duke summer funding may not exceed $8,750.

I would like to apply to several opportunities. Is this allowed?

No, you may only apply to two (2) opportunities (two external or two internal internships, or one of each).

I’m an international Ph.D. student. May I apply?

Yes, so long as you are residing in one of the U.S. jurisdictions approved for Duke employment: North Carolina, District of Columbia, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. You also need to verify your visa status and confirm your eligibility for this funding opportunity with Duke Visa Services before applying.

I am a Ph.D. student currently in the United States but living outside North Carolina. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as during the internship you are residing in one of the jurisdictions approved for Duke employment besides North Carolina: District of Columbia, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.

What would a strong application for an internship look like?

Beyond submitting all the required pieces of the application, we recommend giving special attention to the letter of application and brief CV. The application  letter should explain how the opportunity would enrich or further develop your academic interests. At the same time, internship hosts are particularly keen to identify the best candidates for the job at hand. Help the readers understand how you are well qualified for the position, and give some sense of what unique contributions you can make to the position and the organization or Duke unit.

How do I abridge my CV to two pages?

Only include the most important information from your longer CV (key elements of your scholarship; your most important fellowships and teaching assignments; etc.). Highlight details that best demonstrate your qualifications for the position. As an example, for a research-intensive position, you should include evidence of your skills in research and writing, such as publications. For other positions, you may want to offer more information about your experience with collaborative projects, website development and relevant nonacademic work.

How will candidates be evaluated and selected?

You will apply through this Duke portal. Complete applications that are well suited to the positions will be forwarded to the internship hosts. Hosts may or may not reach out to candidates for virtual interviews, which may happen on very short notice. Hosts will make the final decision on candidate selection, but notification letters will come from the Provost’s Office. If you wish to check up on your application status or have questions, please contact Amy Feistel (amy.feistel@duke.edu). Please do not contact the host directly.

What is the timeline for these opportunities?

Hosts will begin review of applications on March 21, and then consider additional applications on a rolling basis until April 29, 2022. They should make their decisions by that date. We ask all students to expeditiously confirm their acceptance/decline of offers. Internships will begin no earlier than May 16, 2022 and will end no later than August 19, 2022.

When will the internship take place? How many service hours are expected?

Internships will begin no earlier than May 16, 2022 and will end no later than August 19, 2022. All internship opportunities listed are configured in one of the following formats:

  • Three months (12 weeks, 19.9 hours/week)
  • Two months (8 weeks, 19.9 hours/week)
  • One and a half months (6 weeks/19.9 hours/week)
How much will I be paid for the internship, and how will I be paid?

You will receive a stipend commensurate with the three options for length of engagement:

  • Three months: $8,250
  • Two months: $5,500
  • One and a half months: $4,125

You will receive your stipend through your department payroll, June – August, 2022. Your summer tuition will be covered, and your department will also receive the summer health fee.

I am not eligible to apply, but I would love to collaborate with one of these external organizations in some way. How can I reach out?

This is not the time to reach out unless you’re eligible to fill the organization’s posted position. Please consider contacting Maria Wisdom, director of interdisciplinary mentoring and coaching programs, to discuss a long-term networking strategy.

I will be traveling during the summer. Am I still eligible for an internship?

Though brief travel outside the internship jurisdiction is permitted, you need to be physically residing in the jurisdiction approved for Duke employment for the duration of the internship to be eligible for the opportunity. International students should confirm their visa/residency status with Duke Visa Services.

I am available for less time than the full duration of the internships to which I am applying (e.g., I am only available for 8 weeks instead of 12 weeks). Will I still be considered for selection?

Your application will still be sent to the host for consideration. Your limited availability may affect selection if timing is important to the host, though you may be able to negotiate timing for the internship if selected for an interview.

I am planning to teach a course in one of Duke’s Summer Sessions. Am I still eligible for an internship?

You are not eligible for an internship if you are teaching a Summer Session course. When offered an internship, you will be required to make a choice — to move forward with plans to teach the course or to cancel the course in order to pursue the internship opportunity. The timing around this decision may be tight (a few days) so it is important to consider your preferences in advance.