Duke Global Health Institute Offers Funding for Strategic Investment Colloquia

DGHI funding.

Deadline: April 15, 2019 (rolling review)


Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) faculty are invited to request funding to convene colloquia for the purpose of defining opportunities for new joint faculty recruitments or other new investments related to the research objectives in the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.


DGHI faculty, from any discipline, are eligible to propose colloquia. Groups of at least 5 participating faculty are eligible to apply. DGHI faculty must be the Primary Convener(s) and colloquia must include faculty from at least two or more different Schools, Institutes, Centers and/or Departments, and, if justified, from other partner organizations.


Awards of up to $2,500 will be provided to support each successful proposal. Funds can be used to cover the cost of food, meeting venue, external speakers or other meeting costs.

Successful proposals will be submitted by groups of faculty who self-aggregate around a shared bold global health research idea that will make a significant impact on improving health equity in one or more of three broad research areas articulated in the Strategic Plan: Disease Elimination and Eradication, the Rising Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases, and/or the Environment and Health. Investments may also focus on cross-cutting approaches in Innovation, Policy, Science and/or Technology related to the three research areas. We encourage cross-cutting investments that are applicable to more than one discipline or topic (e.g. something that would aid both malaria and cervical cancer elimination). Both the research areas and cross-cutting approaches are intended to be broadly defined—e.g. Science may include anything from genomics to implementation science to sociobehavioral science.

Preference will be given to proposals that present a plan to convene colloquia that aim to define a recruitment strategy for a specific type of faculty candidate jointly with one or more Duke School, Institutes, Center and/or Department. Faculty recruitments (or other investments) that jointly advance the educational missions of DGHI and other Duke partners will also be given preference. Colloquia participants are encouraged to “think big” and not be constrained at the outset by anticipating a specific level of funding for proposed investments.

In addition to joint faculty recruitments, colloquia may develop proposals for other types of investments, including but not limited to infrastructure, major equipment, or staff hires.


Proposals for colloquia will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, with awards starting as early as March 15 through April 15. Colloquia should be held no later than May 15, and proposals for strategic investments should be submitted by June 1.

Proposals for colloquia should be submitted to Kelly Deal (Kelly.deal@duke.edu) as a single PDF and should include:

  • Brief (maximum two-page) narrative that articulates the area of shared intellectual interest and the question or problem the colloquium aims to address
  • Indication whether the proposal reflects a nascent or continuing collaboration; if continuing, a brief explanation of the activities to date
  • Proposed budget for the colloquium
  • Listing of the proposed colloquium participants and their affiliations
  • 5 page CV or NIH Biosketch for the DGHI faculty convener(s) of the colloquium

Review and Selection

Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis based on the potential to build collaborations in exciting intellectual areas for the Duke Global Health Institute that will have a meaningful impact on health equity and that add value to the larger Duke community.

The intent is that the collective set of award recipients will reflect the richness of intellectual approaches and modes of inquiry that make Duke such a vibrant university and will help DGHI move quickly to implement research objectives of the new Strategic Plan.

Expected Outputs of Funded Colloquia

Each funded colloquium will produce a detailed proposal for strategic investment that describes:

  • Details of the specific investment (e.g. joint faculty recruitment, infrastructure )
  • Research goal/question and anticipated impact on health equity in a community or population
  • Other expected results and benefits for DGHI, other Duke partners and community partners
  • How the investment fits with DGHI’s strategic plan and strategic plans and priorities of Duke University, Duke Health, and/or other Duke Schools, Institutes, Centers and/or Departments
  • Timeline
  • Estimated budget

These investment proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and decisions on a first round of new investments will be made this summer. Calls for proposals for a second round of investments may be issued 1-2 years from now.