TeachX facilitates the exchange of ideas and practices that can be used to teach in the classroom. Quite simply, TeachX offers those who teach the opportunity to attend their colleagues’ courses.

Faculty hosts and visitors come from across the university, enabling intra- and inter-school sharing of pedagogical practices. Class settings range from seminars, to hybrid-flipped case studies, to Bass Connections teams, to large lecture rooms.

Last year, 115 undergraduate, graduate and professional classes were offered to visitors who ranged from the most experienced faculty member to the very newest lecturer, all curious and open to fresh perspectives.

Visitors who are interested in attending classes can browse the catalogue at teachx.duke.edu. If you would like to visit a class, please register by October 25. Registration is important so that your hosting colleague knows who and how many visitors to expect, and in some cases whom to send materials in advance. Some classes have limited space. Visitors will receive an email to confirm their class choice.

If you don’t see a time that works for you or if you have questions, email teachx@duke.edu.