Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies Offers Support for Book Publication


Deadline: Requests accepted until available funds for the year run out

CLACS offers special funds to support book publication by Duke tenure-track faculty. Duke faculty who will be eligible for tenure review, and who have a book under contract with a university or other Press, may apply for this funding. The book must have a clear focus on Latin America and/or the Caribbean.

The funds are intended to cover special book publication-related expenses that cannot be covered by the Press that is publishing the book or with other university funds, and that would otherwise have to be paid out of pocket by the faculty member. Such expenses might include the cost of photos or images for the book, translation, indexing, or unusually high copyright fees. These funds may not be used as a direct subvention to the Press that is publishing the book.

We anticipate having one or two awards per year, with awards in the $1,000 to $2,000 range ($2,000 is the maximum that will be considered). Applicants should submit a completed application form together with a brief proposal (up to one page) and a budget that clearly indicates how these funds would be spent.

Please submit your request to CLACS Associate Director Natalie Hartman, Room 140 Franklin Center, Box 90254 or via e-mail at

There is no set deadline. Requests will be considered as they are received. Please submit your request at least 2 months before the funds are needed.