Congratulations to the Spring 2016 Campus Grant Award Winners


Yemi Adewuyi | Sacrificial Poets Reunion
Duke’s Spoken Verb will bring in spoken artists CJ Suitt, G Yamazawa, and Kane Smego to campus for a night of poetry and a panel discussion, March 26.  The poets are founding members of Sacrificial Poets, the largest youth slam poetry organization in the Triangle Area.

Rachael Karasik | Template for Providing Access to Local NC Seafood to Low Income Communities
Rachael Karasik’s capstone Master’s project addresses concerns related food security, decision-making, public health and behavioral changes engaging students in a seafood sample preparation process.

Daniel Camacho | From Sit-Ins to Hashtags: Navigating Activism Before and After Social Media
Panel Conversation on navigating activism before and after social media featuring Asian-American activist Suey Park and former Duke student activist Dr. Brenda Armstrong.

Kati Henderson | Ambiguously Human
Public discussions about what defines the “human” as opposed to “thing,” using investigations across disciplines and media.

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