What is INSPIRE?

INSPIRE, short for Inspiring New Scientific Perspectives in Research and Ethics, is a Duke University organization comprised of PhD students from diverse backgrounds from across 13 biomedical fields.

What’s our Mission?

Our mission is to understand the forefront of scientific discovery and bring that understanding to the world around us. We do this in several ways, from engaging in cross-disciplinary discussions delving into the nexus of science and society to undertaking educational initiatives, locally in North Carolina and at Duke. Our efforts are enhancing the science programs here at Duke, and we hope to continue growing. We love what we do, and we want to share that passion with others, getting them involved as much as possible.

In official terms, INSPIRE’s mission is to enrich PhD education by fostering cross-disciplinary community and enabling discussion of scientific breakthroughs in biomedicine that influence public policy and advance our society.

How Can You Get involved?

Outside groups who would like to engage in INSPIRE’s mission, or who would like to contact us directly, should email

All graduate students at Duke University are encouraged to participate in INSPIRE however they see fit. Our mission is built to encompass the vast and diverse interests of our membership, so all are welcome.

For graduate students outside of Duke interested in creating INSPIRE chapters at their own institutions, which we encourage, we would be happy to help you in this endeavor. Please feel free to email for additional support.