Inspiring New Scientific Perspectives In Research and Ethics

Duke INSPIRE is a forum for young scientists to come together and
dive into science from all angles—
exploring its techniques, complexities, and ethical implications.

Powered by graduate students.

Duke grad students gather for INSPIRE.


INSPIRE was created by a trio of Duke University graduate students in the Cell Biology department. Upon starting their PhDs, they noticed there wasn’t a space for students to come together and really dig into science outside of the lab—so, they made their own.

The goal of INSPIRE is to create a forum for young scientists to discuss the impact of recent technological advances in biomedical research, while simultaneously deconstructing the relevant ethical and moral intricacies that accompany them. Our discussions bring together a growing and dynamic group of scientists from a wide range of disciplines who are enthusiastic to engage in an exchange of ideas that eventually promote the performance of more thoughtful and ethical experiments.

It started as a small group coming together over beer to discuss work from the newest scientific literature, with focus on particular techniques. Now, we’ve expanded and diversified, offering five different discussion series throughout the year. We delve into topics ranging from work on stem cell niches to arguing about forms of life on distant planets. The atmosphere we’ve created in this group is truly unique and allows for the free exchange of ideas.

As we grow, we take constant feedback from our members to continue fostering the dynamism of our group, and we would love for you to join us!

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