Physical Health & Health Regimen


Registered Dietitians at Duke Cancer Center have special training in cancer nutrition, and can aid you in planning a diet during and even after your treatment.  For more information please click here and/or call 919.613.6379

Exercise & Movement

Duke Medicine provides a variety of outpatient physical and occupational therapy services.  Some of the servies included: general weakness and deconditioning, chronic pain, changes in cognition, impairment with fine motor dexterity, alterations in vision, incontinence, and sexual health issues.  For more information click here and or call 919.684.2445

Rest & Recharging

The Quiet Room, located in the Duke Cancer Center in Durham on level 0.  This space is free to use and offers 16 different “mood” settings for you to explore.  Classes are held Monday-Friday and are free to patients and family members!

Health Regimen & Logistics

Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) offers an application called Health Manager.  This daily health tracker has features to track side effects, medication, food, hydration, questions for your doctor, grocery lists, recipes, & other resources.

Emotional Health & Coping

Local Support Groups

LGBTQ+ Patients & Caregivers Cancer Support Group (18+) meet the 4th Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:00 PM.  Located at the Duke Cancer Center- parking passes and refreshments are provided as well!  If you have any questions please email

Duke Cancer Centers Teen and Young Adult Oncology Program (TYAO) has monthly meet ups at a local restaurant in Durham (Namu) on the second Tuesday of each month as well as other activities and meet ups!  Please click here for more information. 

Duke Cancer Center also provides Art Therapy at Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University!  The support group meets the third Wednesday of each month from 2:00-4:00 PM.  For more information or to register, call 919.668.4029.  

Online Support 

Leukemia Lymphoma Society has a variety of online support resources for the patient, caregiver, and other supportive members.  LLS offers other supportive resources in nutrition, finances, and information specialists. 

Personal & Professional Development

Personal & Professional Development

Stupid Cancer was developed and still headed by a young adult cancer survivor.  They have created both an online and in person space tailored to specific young adults needs across the US with yearly events as well as local groups.   
Teen Cancer America offers a variety of different resources and educational material on dealing with life and the challenges that can arise during diagnosis, active treatment, and post treatment.  
The Ulman Foundation offers a variety of resources for young adults.  These include support for the patient, caregiver, & even healthcare providers as well as resources such as housing, scholarships, meet ups, and events! 

Intimacy, Sexuality, & Fertility

Duke Fertility Center offers appointments within 48 hours for recently diagnosed cancer patients.   

LIVESTRONG is a national organization that provides direct services to anyone affected by cancer.  LIVESTRONG Fertility helps both men and women diagnosed during their reproductive years better understand cancer-related risks to their fertility and access discounted fertility preservation services and free medication.

Save My Fertility is an authoritative resource for cancer patients who are interested in what their options for preserving their fertility before, during, or after treatment.  This site promotes the patient to have a more educated discussion with his or her healthcare provider as well as provide information to the patient about their long-term health & well-being.  Please click here for a guide for male fertility preservation and here for a guide for female fertility preservation. 


Relationships & Communication

First Descents provides an outdoor experience for cancer survivors at no cost.  These trips allow cancer survivors to reclaim their lives and build a community with others doing the same, while kayaking, paddling, and surfing.


Epic Experience is another outdoor adventure program available to young adult cancer survivors at no cost.  Epic experience empowers adults to live life to the fullest and thrive post cancer.