Meet the Coaches

Parent Coach

The coach for our parents is Cindy Pedersen. Cindy is a married mom of 3 who holds an RN license and is a national board certified health and wellness coach. She works part time in a pediatric clinic as a family partner, supporting parents of kids with chronic illness. Two of her children have had long term, serious health issues with one battling cancer and the other requiring a bone marrow transplant. Cancer has affected many of her family members including a brother and a sister. Cindy understands watching a child go through treatment and the difficulty in keeping the family and household afloat. After treatment can be an overwhelming time, especially coping with “a new normal”. Cindy’s passion is to make things a little easier for the next parent by partnering with that parent as they navigate the cancer world.

Cindy Pedersen

Young Adult Coach

The coach for the young adults will be Shannon Voelkel.  Shannon is a 26 year old that has had cancer twice as a young adult, and works for the Duke Department of Psychiatry as a peer coach to adolescents and young adult cancer patients.  In her spare time she is also a part of the Teen and Young Adult Oncology Program at the Duke Cancer Center where she attends monthly meet ups as well as volunteers for fundraisers for the program.  Shannon understands being on the patient side of the equation and hopes to help patients transition at any point in their cancer journey as they navigate life after diagnosis.  “Life as a young adult is hard enough, adding a cancer diagnosis on top of that can make the world feel even heavier.  I believe when someone feels supported through an uncertain moment in their life they are more likely to feel a sense of empowerment and confidence to navigate this new world, and that is what I aim to bring to this young adult community.”


Shannon Voelkel

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a peer coach, please contact us by email or phone at: