Being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult turns your world upside down over night.  The heroic journey we see play out in films and social media is a great story but does not reflect the reality of life with cancer, as it erases the very real challenges of juggling school, friendships, jobs, relationships, and life in general.  We understand that life with cancer may change what you expected your path to be as you may be learning about a new disease, treatment options, survivorship, or coping with next steps along your cancer journey.

Parents of young adults with a cancer diagnosis also endure their own personal struggles as they support their child through their diagnosis and treatment.  Passing through the many bumps and hurdles can be trying but can also have times for joy and hope. 

Bobby’s Coaches is a peer support program for young adults with a cancer diagnosis and their parent caregiver as they navigate transitions along their cancer experience.  The program is built and provided by actual patients, parents, and caregivers who have endured managing life after diagnosis.  This program is designed for:

·        Young adults aged 18-26 that have been affected by cancer, who are interested in peer support to increase independence in their health and wellness within the context of navigating their next steps.

·        Parents who are interested in peer partnership as they support their young adult while also considering their own wellness.

Our program all started with Bobby Menges, a force of a being who truly lived his life to the fullest.  To read more about Bobby, and how the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation started click here.

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