Duke Intelligent Learning Lab - Advancing Personalized Learning through AI


Welcome to the Intelligent Learning Lab!

We are building the future of learning through the research, design and development of learning systems using artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to support the delivery of proven, highly effective pedagogical methods.

The transformation of education has continued to accelerate in recent years, fueled by rapid growth in online content and the forced transition of students and faculty at all levels to online learning due to COVID-19.  While this growth has resulted in a significant opening of access to educational content, for the most part it has fallen short in terms of outcomes.  The pedagogical methods that can deliver high learning outcomes are well known through learning science research, however the ability of teachers to deliver them effectively decreases proportionally as the number of students grows.

Technology, and especially artificial intelligence, offer great potential to drastically extend the ability of teachers to deliver personalized learning at scale.  Our mission at the Intelligent Learning Lab is to prototype and develop new tools which support teachers and learners using AI and advanced technologies.  Although the methods and tools we develop are relevant to learners in any field, we focus primarily on improving STEM learning outcomes.


Duke AI Virtual Learning Assistant

Intelligent Classroom Assistant

The Intelligent Classroom Assistant uses AI to recognize patterns in student assessment/assignment performance and identify learning gaps from those patterns. The tool then provides personalized resource recommendations to students based on their current level of understanding and background. Find out more

Open Case Repository

The Duke Open Case Repository is a collection of data science and analytics teaching cases which are made freely available to both instructors and learners. Find out more

Teaching with GitHub

The Teaching with GitHub project has developed an effective method and set of documentation for teachers on how to use GitHub for automated assignment management for computer science and data science courses. Find out more