Recap: OpSwap @ Fuqua – 4/6

IMG_20160406_171552Thank you to all who attended IHI’s April OpSwap @ Fuqua with Dr. Jen Perkins, MBA. About 30 students were in attendance from across the schools of medicine, business, policy, and nursing.

Through practical case-based discussion, the attendees learned the challenges of provider scheduling and how to maximize patient access in the common scenario of patient demand exceeding clinic supply.

Student feedback was very positive, including:

“Dr. Perkins was practical and the case study made the session superb. More training on how to do healthcare operations would be even better!”

“The case discussion was really interesting and seemed very relevant to problems we might face in the future.”

A special thank you also to the Fuqua Health Sector Management program for generously co-sponsoring this event.



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