Who I am

My family bounced around a lot when I was growing up. I was born in Venezuela, spent most of my childhood in China, and graduated from high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. I chose Duke because of the university’s focus on interdisciplinary studies, unparalleled resources, and incredible school spirit.  I could not be happier with my decision and am constantly inspired by the drive, creativity, and ingenuity of my classmates and professors.


What I am doing

Currently, I am a senior studying computer science and biology while pursuing the I&E certificate. I chose this combination of degrees because computer science pushes me to develop my analytical thinking, while biology enables me to think methodically about complex systems. The I&E certificate is a tool that helps me to think creatively and apply my knowledge.

At Duke, I have been involved with a wide variety of things including Duke Undergraduate Machine Learning, Duke Technology Scholars, Business Oriented Women, and a machine learning/environmental science bass connections project. Outside of Duke, I have done internships at a non-profit incubator and accelerator, Facebook, and a consulting firm. I am also very interested in marine biology and spent a semester at Duke’s marine lab.


Where I am going

After graduation, I am going to work at a consulting firm. However, I want to eventually end up in the social innovation space. One of my most meaningful involvements at Duke is with an organization I started called Durham SOUP. Durham SOUP is a crowdfunding dinner where four local, early-stage entrepreneurs pitch community-oriented venture concepts and win money donated by the audience. Since I am graduating in the fall, I hope to dedicate more time to expanding and improving the organization. During the time between my graduation and when I start working in the summer, I would also like to work for a non-profit or group that does impact investing to gain more experience in those spaces.