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Final Reflection

When I joined, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the I&E program.

After 3 years of learning, I can say that my choice was a good one.

I&E is designed to give what you put into it, and I believe that the deeper you delve into each of your experiences within the program, the richer the outcome can be. While you get to choose a concentration pathway — I chose Technology and Design — you do get to develop a wholistic view on what goes into a valuable venture: what marketing, sales, pitch angle, etc. are needed to be successful in the technology space that are not inherently linked to building a product? More than anything, the story you tell about your venture/opportunity matters. As a mechanical engineering major, it can get easy to get lost in the (fun!) technicalities of design, so courses that brought this fresh perspective helped to both ground me and make me a more critical designer who pays attention to the human experience as well as the technical one.

Before I&E, I was an engineer who liked to build. Designing for the sake of it is still my first love. However, rather than looking immediately at building, I instead find it much more fulfilling to observe others’ (and my own) challenges and examine if design can fit within that.  Now, I build with more motivation, with the primary one being to enhance the human experience. Thank you to the I&E team for teaching me this perspective.