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What is I&E 499 — Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capstone Seminar: Ideas into Action?

Taught by Aaron Dinin, this course focuses on understanding the thought processes behind successful entrepreneurs and ventures.


What does it mean to truly be an entrepreneur? While previous courses taught us the merits of various quantitative skills needed to calculate and project business successes, Aaron Dinin led this class with the intention of instilling in his students a more intangible skillset: an entrepreneurial mindset. Before the excel spreadsheets and SWOT analyses needed to evaluate a venture idea, what’s most important is identifying a valuable business opportunity in the first place.

Leading with curiosity is the key element to identifying an opportunity or problem space. There are three key questions to keep in mind:

  1. Why does this exist?
  2. How does this make money?
  3. How did I start to use this?

While asking these questions you never know what you can discover. Thank you to Aaron for reinforcing this.


Attached is my team’s discover design sprint at the beginning of the semester. Later I will attach our sprint from the end of the semester and see how we’ve grown over the semester