My Story

I want to be a professional actor. My goal as an artist is to create a transformative experience for audiences that brings the story to life in ways that are entertaining and thought provoking, emotional and political. I want to write, direct, and act in shows that amplify social justice issues such as gender inequality and civil rights, fostering empathy and empowering audiences to take action. I feel lucky to have had access to the arts growing up, as it helped me find my voice and use it with confidence. From a young age, I was able to lose myself in the power of live performance, and I strive to provide that same cathartic response to others that the theater first gave to me. I came to Duke because I want to carve an intellectual path to a career as an actor. Being an actor is being a professional storyteller so it is important for me to learn across all disciplines and be surrounded by people with different passions. Consequently, I am pursuing a Theater Studies major in addition to a Psychology minor and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

The power of theater lies in its ability to amplify voices, and it is that unique capacity that drew me to the arts at a young age. Theater empowers a diverse set of artists to tell their stories. As a proud feminist and political activist, I hope to use my training as an actor to inspire audiences to take action for positive social change. Pursuing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate in addition to my Theater Studies major has challenged me to find innovative ways to bring the arts into the Durham community. I have volunteered at Duke for initiatives that bring the arts into underfunded public schools, I wrote a musical for a playwriting class that highlights a dancer struggling with anorexia, a prevalent issue for many women, and I founded a music program in high school that raised money for important social causes through musical performances. I am currently writing a distinction project that will culminate in a one-woman show that I will perform in exploring the role of nature in Shakespeare’s pastoral plays and how theater as a kind of “forest” provides Shakespeare’s characters and theater audiences with a magical escape from the world’s conventions.

I am grateful that I have already been involved with entrepreneurial work. Summer after sophomore year, I worked for a company called Broadway Plus that was founded by a Duke Alum. I helped them transition from backstage VIP Broadway show experiences to a virtual platform in May 2020 due to the pandemic. I helped the company grow throughout the summer by researching competitors, creating advertisements, and hosting events with Broadway Talent, providing interactive experiences with Broadway performers. In a time where everyone was isolated, I got to see people coming together and connecting in a way I never would have otherwise due to the power of the arts. I am still hosting meet and greets for Broadway Plus and am working as the Writer and Content Creator for the Creative Arts Student Team at Duke. These experiences have opened my eyes to the possibility of innovation and technology providing improved access to the arts.

I believe theater should go beyond pure entertainment, making audiences think about ideas they have not yet considered and sparking conversations on life’s essential truths. I love engaging in intellectual conversations. I dive into character study by dedicating myself to deep text analysis and using the acting techniques I have learned at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, The Lee Strasberg Institute, the Cherubs program at Northwestern University, and through my Theater Studies major at Duke. I have been actively involved in arts programming throughout my time at Duke by performing in the Fall Main-Stage show each year (Dancing at Lughnasa, As You Like It, Citizen and now, Golem) and by acting in one and directing in one All of the Above performance. Theater is a unique space that transcends times and allows for audience members and performers to be vulnerable and bring about change within each other. I want to be an actor to understand myself on a deeper level, authentically engage with the world, and live more presently.