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My Story

I grew up in Kolkata, India, a land of great economic disparity. The living conditions of those around me motivated me to work towards changing it. I believe that the underdevelopment back at home can be traced down to an attitude of finding compromises instead of solutions. Often this results from people lack the training and knowledge to find solutions. Through a multi-faceted Duke education, I intend to gain vocational and intellectual skills required to find cutting-edge solutions.

At Duke, I am studying Mechanical Engineering as I feel I have found the confluence of scientific stimulation, creativity, and societal contribution in the field. My finance minor is enabling me to understand the financial world within which engineering firms have to operate. Duke’s I&E certificate meaningfully compliments my major. The experience of the certificate has helped me generate more viable ideas and develop the principles of creating and running a successful business based on these ideas.

Some of my highlights at Duke include:

    • A 10-week internship in financial advisory at an engineering consulting firm in New York City
    • Developing a magnetic tweezer system with a movement precision of 1 micrometer to stretch protein molecules
    • Teaching English and professional skills to 12 employment-seeking adults in a tsunami-afflicted part of rural Thailand

Here are some of my highlights from outside of class:

    • Living in Sydney, Australia for four months while at the University of New South Wales as part of Duke’s study abroad program
    • Sleeping outside in “Krzyzewskiville” for weeks in the winter for Duke basketball tickets
    • Growing Bull City Beds, a student-run luxury mattress rental business at Duke, to UNC and Elon University –

Several of these experiences, as well as additional coursework, have come together in shaping my Duke experience. Feel free to explore this e-portfolio, which encapsulates my journey through college.