Connections and Self-Understanding

  The I&E certificate taught me to be resourceful and do all I can to grow my personal brand. Classes like Learning to Fail and Arts Entrepreneurship harnessed my improvisation/adaptation skills. I learned being flexible and adaptable is imperative to entrepreneurship. Being “water” in every situation is incredibly important for succeeding in this world. You… Continue reading Connections and Self-Understanding

About Me

I was born in London, however; I call Brooklyn, NY my home. Growing up in Brooklyn I was lucky enough to do whatever I wanted; the city provided me with the most diverse playground. I chose Duke because I wanted a school that could give me the same experience.  At Duke I could play baseball… Continue reading About Me

150 Hour Experience

My Landscaping Journey: Over the past summer I, just like everyone else, had my summer plans beautifully mixed up by Covid-19. I ended up living at my grandmother’s house in rural New Jersey.  One day I decided to work out in my makeshift garage gym. I looked at the door and I saw an old… Continue reading 150 Hour Experience

300 Hour Experience

I chose to work at the private equity firm “One Equity” for my 300-hour experience. This Journey me insight and work experience into how private equity firms function but also how businesses as a whole function based on the nature of private equity and observing how to best help portfolio companies. I met experts from… Continue reading 300 Hour Experience

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