SOCIOL 211: Social Inequality

Instructor: Lisa Keister

Semester: Spring 2021

In this class, we went through a broad overview of the factors and effects of social inequality. This ranged from inequality in money to gender to education. Although I am far from understanding the many dimensionalities and consequences of inequality, this class has ingrained a greater appreciation for the opportunities presented to me. I aim to integrate a greater humanitarian approach to my designs so that I can actively work towards solving the disparities between human health and creating a better future. This class encouraged me to better consider the social impact of my work.


ARTHIST 89S: Archaeology of Death

Instructor: Alicia Jimenez

Semester: Spring 2020

This class detailed the rights and rituals of a variety of different cultures surrounding the death and grieving of loved ones. Taking this class really showed me, that despite the huge variety in cultures, there are fundamental needs that remain the same. Through the focus on the ethics surrounding the disinterring, analysis, and display of corpses, we were able to talk about how a variety of different opinions are necessary for the conversation to develop a solution. Bioethical problems in the design of medicines are the same in that, even though certain stakeholders have less power over the actual decision/design, it is vital to include their opinion.


MENG 540: Engineering Management

Instructor: Edward Marshall

Semester: Spring 2022

This class taught the principles of management including the following topics: collaborative teamwork, psychological safety, conflict resolution, and motivation. The core message of all of these topics was the importance of collaboration in an ever changing society. As a majority of the students taking this class were international and studied different subjects, we formed interdisciplinary teams to tackle the assignments given to us. By working with diverse mindsets, adopting flexible roles, and finding sources of individual motivation, our teams are able to overcome challenges and scenarios. Through this class, I found joy in being able to collaborate smoothly and swiftly with others. By breaking down management concepts, I was able to add various soft skills and perspectives to my repertoire. I found that skills learned in this class helped me in managing other projects as well, including my senior design. This class really changed my perception on what it means to be a manager and a team lead and helped me build a more global perspective.


MENG 540 Team Picture