My Story


My name is Lindsay Hirschhorn, and I am from Northern New Jersey. I am a student at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, studying Mechanical Engineering. I was attracted to Duke particularly for its interdisciplinary focuses as well as for the Pratt School of Engineering. The dedicated, collaborative and intellectual community that Duke fosters is one that I am proud to be a part of and one that has greatly added to my academic experiences in Pratt and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program.


Academic/Co-Curricular Pursuits

I am studying mechanical engineering specifically because I have research experience that involves the mechanics of energy engineering. I conducted research on photovoltaic arrays and became very interested in how they work, leading me to my mechanical engineering studies. Furthermore, I am passionate about social issues and giving back to my community. I am involved in several volunteer activities that relate to engineering, such as the FEMMES tutoring program, where I help lead an after school science class for elementary school girls who are less likely to pursue studies in STEM fields than boys. FEMMES has provided me with important communication and leadership skills in the context of technical work. I also participated in the Greek Emerging Leader program, which has helped me to grow further as a leader. Particularly in engineering fields, it is important to be able to take initiative in collaborative environments, and this 6-week leadership seminar has assisted me in applying leadership skills to the collaborative work I do in my engineering classes.


Professional goals

After graduation I will be working for Deloitte Advisory’s Data Analytics practice. I am looking forward to using my technical skills that I honed from my engineering education at Pratt to further the analytics innovation happening in the Big Data space.

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