I&E Program

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I first heard about the I&E initiative when I came to Duke for Blue Devil Days and for orientation. The new Bullpen space had just opened downtown and several friends and I went to visit the building. The space was packed with new students; the Duke improv club was putting on a show; pool balls clanked on the table and Janga blocks clattered to the floor. Among the chaos, student entrepreneurs were drifting through the crowd talking about their projects and businesses. The atmosphere was alive, and I was bit by the I&E bug. A few info sessions later, and after waiting a few months for the freshmen application date to open, I applied to the I&E Certificate and was accepted.

One of the main reasons I want to pursue this certificate is to be exposed to lively environments and work with passionate peers, just like what I saw that first time at the Bullpen. The field of entrepreneurship is filled with pressing needs to be addressed, and these challenges are especially fun to tackle when working with others who are just as dedicated and passionate. I’m so glad to have been a part of this wonderful program; the I&E classes and experiences at Duke were easily my favorite throughout my 4 years here.