Chopper the Red Nosed Reindeer

The original assignment was to create a blinking LED device with 5 modes: bright, medium bright, dim, blinking, and off (like a bicycle light). I decided to add music and shapes and make a Christmas ornament instead, cause I’m extra.


All good engineers and designers start with basic proof of concept prototyping. Here, I have an Arduino control the software logic, with some basic electrical hardware parts.

Version 1.0. Nothing fancy.


Features are gradually added until I have a final circuit board with everything I need.

Electronics Version 2.0. Basic circuitry done!


Now I can transfer the electrical parts to a printed PCB. This process takes the birds-nest of wires seen above and makes it look pretty.

Final circuitry printed on a PCB board.


I combined the electrical PCB circuit, with my final Arduino software for logic control, with a hardware casing to create … an atrocity! Color scheme is totally wrong, the reindeer looks demonic, and the thing is legit like a brick.

Final product!

But still! I am very proud of my first attempt at creating a toy! The reindeer is a cartoon reindeer called Tony Tony Chopper from my favorite manga, One Piece. His nose lights up and blinks, and he sings “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” The device is completely battery powered, and is solid enough to potentially be used as a weapon if anyone is breaking into your house around Christmas time!

For full documentation, including all hardware, software, and electrical circuitry, please see my Github Repo for this project.