April 23, 2015

Experiential Learning

Vision exams in Nebaj, Guatemala

Climbing Mt. Pacaya in Guatemala with my summer cohort







The best way to learn about entrepreneurship is just to do it. Since I was interested in social entrepreneurship, I spent one summer in Guatemala working with Social Entrepreneur Corps and one semester in Durham working with GreenToGo as part of Social Innovation Practicum.

Social Entrepreneur Corps – 300 hour experience

The summer after my sophomore year, I interned with Social Entrepreneur Corps in Guatemala as part of a DukeEngage program. In addition to providing micro-consulting services for small scale businesses, I also worked on the marketing and branding team for CES (Community Empowerment Solutions), focusing particularly on water filters. Check out my SEC tab for more details!

GreenToGo – 150 hour experience

The second semester of my junior year, I had the privilege of working with a team of undergraduate and graduate students at Duke to provide consulting services for GreenToGo, a recyclable food container business. Together, we were able to conduct market research and analyze customer acquisition strategy. Check out my GreenToGo tab for more details!