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John Delaney for President

Interns Elliott Davis, Kyle Amitay, and Cole Brown at Campaign Headquarters

During the Summer of 2019, I interned on John Delaney’s Presidential Campaign. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to advocate for such a passionate, qualified candidate and his vision for the future.

My support for Representative Delaney began nearly five years ago, when I volunteered on his congressional re-election campaign to continue serving Maryland’s 6th district. I knew very little about U.S. politics but enthusiastically made calls to vote for Delaney, having learned that he was a proponent of environmental protection. The Congressman asked me to intern for his District Office that following summer, during which I initiated and helped organize a Climate Change Workshop. At this event, I was inspired by Delaney’s vision for politics as an arena to bring people together for positive change.

When I learned that Representative Delaney was running for President two years ago, I couldn’t hold in my excitement; I remember beaming around the streets of Washington D.C., calling anyone I thought of to share the news with. It is with this same enthusiasm that I joined this campaign to do whatever I could to help Delaney become the President of the United States.

My responsibilities as an intern have depended greatly on what was going on in the campaign on a given day. I worked on a variety of policy, communications, fundraising, and voter engagement tasks.

I really enjoyed conducting policy research for the campaign, particularly regarding plans to combat climate change. I agree with Congressman Delaney that most important tool for climate action is putting a price on carbon (i.e. carbon fee). This policy is the only way to ensure decarbonization occurs throughout the economy, and Delaney has a comprehensive plan to return all the revenue to the American people.

John Delaney
1st Democratic Debate
June 2019

Recognizing the importance of the debates for Delaney to introduce himself to the American people, I took the initiative to draft potential opening and closing statements for the candidate to use. It was a challenge to highlight John Delaney’s experience, policy positions, and vision for the country in a memorable fashion all within 60 seconds. Any phrase could easily end up on the nightly news, so I tried to be intentional about every word I wrote. Specifically, I aimed to highlight Delaney’s focus on sensible solutions for health care, climate change, and economic opportunity; building on past successes while proposing bold new ideas.


Some of my other tasks throughout the summer included:

  • Policy research on trade agreements and international affairs
  • Outreach to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire
  • Volunteer program development and materials
  • Social media tracking and content generation
  • Donation logging and processing


I have multiple important takeaways from my internship experience. First, I have reaffirmed my interest in impactful, unifying policies. I agree with Delaney’s policy approach, proposing substantive and politically viable solutions while avoiding purely symbolic, partisan resolutions. I hope to carry this approach forward as I seek to influence environmental policies throughout my career. Second, I appreciate the ability to take initiative and contribute ideas. One of my greatest strengths is thinking outside of the box to devise innovative solutions, and I realized the importance of being in an environment where this is encouraged. Third, I need to make the most of every opportunity, regardless of what it may be. You never know what you will learn or what you will gain from a new experience.

Elliott Davis & John Delaney
2014 re-election campaign

I want to thank the campaign staff for their support this summer. I am fortunate to have been part of the team working to elect John Delaney as President. Finally, I want to thank Congressman Delaney, not only for his “Focus on the Future” in the Democratic Primary, but also for supporting my future ever since I was making calls on his re-election campaign back in high school. I wish him the best of luck in this election and in everything to come.

I hope you will learn more about John Delaney and his vision for America.