Engineering Design and Communication allows students to explore the process of building a product.

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Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs explores how social media is used to market business ideas, firms, their products, and people. The course explores three types of social media marketing: personal marketing, influencer marketing, and corporate marketing. It does so through a variety of readings, guest speakers, and case studies.

This course was crucial for understanding the impact that the I&E Certificate could have in my Duke University career. Before taking this class I saw social media as a straightforward way to reach an audience. After delving deeper in behavior and different strategies to use on social media, I realized the countless variables that can impact a message on social platforms.  Furthermore, exploring three types of social media marketing (personal, influencer and corporate), I was able to learn which platforms to use to spread specific messages.

Lastly, through many case studies, I was able to realize what companies and people are doing wrong, which has impacted me both on a personal level, changing the way I leverage my social media presence, and in my professional career.


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