Throughout the courses involved in the I&E certificate program, I have gained exposure to countless new ideas, strategies, and individuals. Each of these components of the program will provide me with the tools I need to succeed in my entrepreneurial endeavors. Coming into Duke, I knew that I wanted to do something entrepreneurial. As I mentioned in my background story, I have been raised to do something entrepreneurial so upon my arrival at Duke, I dedicated all of my time to position myself in a manner that could allow me to succeed. Now, as I approach the end of the journey, when I compare myself to who I was when I started, I can see just how different I am, how much I have learned and developed as an entrepreneur. Overall, the experience I have had has strengthened my interest in entrepreneurship but provided me with strategies for minimizing the risk of my ventures. As one of my professors, Jamie Jones stated to me once. Entrepreneurship is the process of building a new venture while continuously de-risking the venture. Data, customers, product development, intellectual property are all components that contribute to de-risking a venture. I learned the strategies to accomplish all of these components through my time at Duke and within the I&E certificate program and hope to take the lessons I have learned and apply them after graduation to make a successful venture.