I got involved with PerkStak through a course called New Ventures Development. I entered the course with the intention of bringing in my own venture, but after hearing the pitch by the founder Shivan Bhavnani, I was compelled to join his company. GIMBHI is currently a research firm that focuses on studying companies in the digital Mental health space. Considering some previous exposure to the industry, I considered this to be a great company for me to work with. Shivan entered the course with the intention of taking the intelligence they had in the industry and using it to develop a commercial product. He did not have an idea what the product would be, so we brainstormed for about a month and came up with the product. The product we ended up building is a workforce benefits management system we call PerkStak.

Primarily my role in this company was to help identify market opportunities and conduct market research. As the project progressed, I moved on to doing more on the development side of the venture. This involves developing tests and iterations of the project that we could test to determine the validity of our assumptions. If I continue beyond, I could see myself taking on somewhat of a CTO type of role in the venture, although it depends on what other members, we can get to join the team.

My primary objectives from this experience were to be part of a venture with serious co-founders and a clear goal of determining success or failure. Our goal is to ultimately raise a seed round and build out the product and attempt to sell it but if that does not work out. From a learning perspective, at least I could be part of the process of taking a company from ideation to raising a seed.

Having an interest in product development, this experience has been incredibly valuable for me on the engineering and prototyping side. I have been able to build out the product from nothing which is interesting. I have been able to learn a lot about how to build wireframes, functioning prototypes, and ultimately will likely learn about full-stack development.

At the end of this product, a deliverable was our pitch to seed investors, a full wireframe of the project built, and a functioning site prototype The plan for this project is to continue the long run, so it is difficult to tell what the ultimate result will be but we hope that it is successful resulting in a fully functioning company. As of December 2021, we pitched to various seed funds and the recommendation was to pursue the company via bootstrapping because our financials were so sound.


Here is a link to the website:


Here is a link to our final presentation/pitch:

PerkStak Final