Laser Cutting

Along side Duke’s many 3D printers are two laser cutting machines. In my sophomore year, I learned the basics of cutting shapes and engrave writing into wood. I had a lot of fun building presents for my friends and families. I would either trace an image off the internet or create it myself before preparing the image in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to be printed. In two of my earlier designs, I printed a Minnesota Wild logo and two quotes from Harry Potter that my friends could put on their walls.

Photo Engraving

As I got more familiar using the laser cutters I decided that I wanted to learn how to print photos using shading techniques. I quickly learned that it is quite difficult to get a photo to print out clearly. Here is my first attempt at creating a picture of my parents:

Clearly, I had a lot of work to do, but I was excited by the challenge. I chose a new image of me and my brothers. Over the period of a couple weeks, I worked relentlessly to create a quality print of my brothers and me. My Photoshop skills improved dramatically, and after too many iterations to count I finally created a high resolution print.


Next, I laser cut some wood to create a proper stand for the picture. With the files complete, I printed out several copies of the photo and the stand to give to my parents and my grandmother.