Certificate Purpose

In my first year at Duke I realized I am passionate about designing, building and innovating, particularly through my EGR 121 class, which is also where I learned about this certificate program. While I have always enjoyed creating things, I had never been part of a formal program that focuses on innovation. I believe that my involvement in the I&E certificate has advanced my abilities as an innovator as well as an entrepreneur. I believe that I am able to come up with good ideas, and I hope that by the end of my time at Duke I will be able to transform concepts into tangible products or processes. Whether I decide I want to pursue my own start-up, or work as a structural engineer, skills in innovation and entrepreneurship will be essential to my success. I intend on developing creative and practical solutions in my professional life, and this certificate will improve my abilities and be a way to show potential employers the qualities I possess.

I have pursued innovation and entrepreneurship through the lens of an engineer. I hope to incorporate the knowledge I gain as a structural engineer, and apply it to real world problem solving. If I choose to pursue a start-up company, I believe my background as a structural engineer will make me a valuable innovator given the ways engineers are trained to think, and an asset given my ability to understand properties of materials and structures. Should I decide to pursue a career as a professional engineer, I will constantly be applying the skills I learn as a innovator to develop more efficient and practical solutions.