Certificate Purpose

Why I&E?

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative at Duke provides amazing courses, events, and mentors for students. I am very much in love with the program since it coincides with my entrepreneurial interests perfectly. The resources here are unparalleled here in the Research Triangle, a second hotbed of innovation outside the Silicon Valley. I decided to pursue this certificate so I can get more involved with the phenomenal opportunities, learn more about the exciting process of innovation (and the valley of death), and perhaps find a potential cofounder or team member.


What is your area of focus?

I am constantly excited about life science innovation. Researchers everywhere (including Duke) have been producing some amazing technologies on the bench, but there still lies a gigantic gap between bench discovery and commercialization. This is known as the underfunded “valley of death” in biotech translation. Through my coursework and experiences, I hope to learn more about existing challenges and become more prepared to confront them.


What do you hope to learn?

In addition to knowledge specific to my area of focus, I also hope to pickup soft skills such as pitching, managing, and leading a startup.


How does the certificate complement my overall studies at Duke?

The certificate bridges my technical knowledge in BME to real-world ventures. The ultimate purpose for any engineer is to serve the need of the customer (or patient). Hopefully, the knowledge and skills I develop from this program will remain applicable throughout my career, regardless whether I actually pursue my own startup.