My Story

My full name is Autumn Raine Tompkin, but I prefer to go by Autumn Raine. I believe in living life passionately and with purpose. I’m a dreamer, and my worst nightmare would be to let my dreams languish from lack of pursual. All the way from a small suburb in Texas, I came to Duke to experience as many opportunities as I possibly could and explore the world. I want to broaden my horizons while acquiring one of the best educations the world has to offer. Since coming to Duke, I view my world as laden with possibilities.

Isabel Briggs Myers theorized that there are 16 types of personalities that are varied based on fundamental differences in perception and judgment. I am an ENTJ, a person who is extraverted, intuitive, thoughtful and judicial. ENTJs are analytical leaders who are motivated by a need to create impact and change. They are driven to see and solve problems with innovative solutions. For the ENTJs, dreams are already reality; it’s just a matter of bringing the dreams to fruition. However, despite being an ENTJ, I’m a bit of a situational extravert. To be more precise, I’m ambivert – a person who has both extravert and introvert qualities. I appreciate large periods of thinking time, and I often take hours of isolation to center myself. However, whenever I’m around people, I draw energy from my environment and am very friendly.

I’m currently pursuing a major in Computer Science and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. What I really love about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program is that it is founded upon the concept of experiential learning, a curriculum that encourages me to jump into the real world and create something tangible. The fact that this program will push me to achieve my dreams of starting a venture in a concrete manner is extremely appealing.

By the end of this program, I hope I am no longer afraid to fail. I do not want my failures to discourage me. A glance at many successful entrepreneurs demonstrates that failing is a natural part of being an innovator. Most people quit a business idea after one or two failures. I do not want to be so easily discouraged and I believe the I&E program will help me achieve such an objective. Additionally, I believe the program will provide me with the tools, knowledge and momentum necessary to start a business.

Through technology, I seek to solve a variety of problems that people in today’s society face. I would love to focus on any problem areas that could possibly be helped through social networking. The computer science knowledge I am gaining through my general studies will build and shape my abilities so that I can accomplish my ambitions. The present and future growth in the technology sector indicates exciting opportunities. I can’t wait to start innovating.

I am currently starting a small photography business on Duke’s campus. In my free time, I take pictures of other people. I also read whenever possible. I am constantly trying to improve my knowledge-base and I find books are the fastest way to learn. I’m a head tutor for children through the America Reads/ America Writes program, and I ref Intramural Sports for exercise. Additionally, I act as an Outreach Coordinator for Camp Kesem, an organization that offers support to children whose families are affected by cancer. I hope to be even more active in my college career by starting several businesses before the time I graduate. I don’t know exactly what I will do upon my graduation. However, I do know that I plan to work for myself. And eventually, I plan to have others working for me. I can’t specify the exact impact I will have on the world, but rest assured, it will be big.