Gateway Elective

AMI 301S Moving Image Practice

Course Description:

This course focuses on the fundamentals of video and sound. Together, the class explores different styles and equipment used in filming. While the course does teach technical skills, much of the course focuses on expressing creativity through a digital medium.



I’m pursuing a computer science major and a psychology minor in order to give myself a significant set of skills when I enter the world of marketing. I want to create my own business and a large part of owning a business is being able to attract customers. Customers generally come from referrals or advertisements. Although I have a strong photography and photo-editing skillset, I wanted to strengthen my video-creation skills to boost my ability to generate lucrative ads.

The most important thing I learned from this class was the importance of utilizing the correct equipment. Different cameras and lenses yielded different qualities and effects. Additionally, the use of a microphone and various other sound equipment could make or break a video. Like photography, videography is a field that requires a monetary investment. However, producing videos that evoked emotions did not require amazing equipment or skills. So, while video quality is important, so is content. Both are crucial when it comes to creating great videos. This class makes me remember to focus not just on how the story looks, but also how it feels and speaks.